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Manufacturer to introduce you to the door hinge failure after how to repair

by:DLAA      2020-07-25
Vehicles in everyday use, often appear broken hinge door loose, many of the cause of the fault, the more common are: improper opening the doors, the door loose hinge shaft or hole serious wear and tear. The door open by inappropriate phenomenon: the door switch does not freely, closed the door, car door lock closure does not reach the designated position, some rebound phenomenon: open the door, the door locks have their own bounce off feeling, sometimes in driving the door suddenly bounce off on its own. The cause of the problem: 1) Greatly too forcibly when open the door, the limit device damage, excessive, opening the doors lead to loose leaf damage; 2) The accident causes the door hinge sheet deformation. The wood into the deformation of sheet hinge, appropriate forcibly closed the door, can rectify deformation of hinge. After correction, the wooden block. Repeated several times, can eliminate the malfunction. Note: do not force too much at a time, in order to avoid overcorrection. Hinge shaft or hole serious abrasion failure phenomenon: the door without a loose-leaf side under drooping Angle, friction between the door and door frame, door locks and dislocation: the door switch effort or closed lax: the door on the flip side gap width narrow. The cause of the problem: the vehicle to use for a long time or lubrication is not enough, lead to serious wear and tear of the door loose hinge shaft or hole loose clearance between hinge shaft and the hole is too large, door and door frame relative displacement. Elimination method: door loose hinge shaft or hole wear cause drooping, should first adjust the door hinge loose, the adjustment method and failure caused by wrong door open basic same, if cannot be ruled out fault, need to adjust loose hinge on the door. Loosen the door loose hinges on the screws on one side of the bridge ( Door hinge loose fixed in the screw holes on one side of the bridge is generally long hole, such as growing hole hole machining, machining direction for loose hinge axis side) In addition, remind the driver friend, in the vehicle for daily use, to ensure that the door hinge loose enough lubrication, so as to reduce the wear and tear of the loose hinge: in a moving vehicle, be sure to shut the doors, lest cause the door accidental damage: don't overexert when open and close the door, to avoid excessive opening the doors.
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