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Manufacturer on summer car air conditioning stunk, smell

by:DLAA      2020-07-25
For the maintenance of air conditioning system has no concept, usually until the smell to maintain, even have mentioned most owners, can clean their air conditioning? If is not cleaned for a year, small make up recommend cleaning air conditioning system to complete for you. About cleaning vehicle air conditioning system, whether everyone was asked to identify the owner has a habit of automobile air-conditioning maintenance, we collected all the doubt that for the air conditioning system in advance. The results show that most of them will ask: how long need an air conditioner cleaning? How to judge whether their car need to wash up? If the car has PM2. 5 air conditioning, cleaning air conditioner, air conditioning mesh bacteriostatic agent is necessary to do? Here small make up a brief answer first, and specific to the 'how to do', small make up will be in the text with the help of 'automotive air conditioning cleaning and maintenance products' for demonstration. 1, why should I wash the car air conditioning? If not 4 s shop or maintenance personnel to remind, many owners are not aware to cleaning the car air conditioning system. So, why to clean air conditioner? That's because the car air conditioning in operation, 80% of the tiny dust and bacteria in the air can enter through the filter air conditioning inside, and the condensate after adhesive blockage in the evaporator, this will not only affect the air conditioning refrigeration and heat dissipation, also magnifies bacteria. Here, what need reminds is, the current of air conditioning cleaning concept is still in the blocking online, but in fact the dirt of air conditioning and various kinds of bacteria can hide in the evaporation box in the aperture of aluminium, if continuously through circulation flow into the car in the air, may do harm to our health.
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