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Manufacturer of fog lamps lighting system classification

by:DLAA      2020-06-16
Automobile lamps and lanterns is according to the functional function, there are two main categories: 'car lights and car lights. Car lights according to the position and functions of its installation includes: 'headlights, fog lights, license plate light, instrument lights, dome light, working light'. Car lights lights include: 'turn signals, danger alarm lamp, wide lights, tail lights, brake lights, reversing light'. Headlamps automobile headlamps headlamps also called headlamps, installed in the car on both sides of the head, used for driving the road lighting at night. There are two lights and four lights system. Each car to install 2 or 4, mounted on the outside of the pair should be close, in double beam light, mounted on the inside of a pair should be in single beam lights. Headlamps lighting light color is white, light bulb high beam for 45 to 60 w power, low beam lights for 25 to 55 w. Requirements should be able to provide car headlamp, 100 m above the road surface bright, uniform illumination, and should not cause dazzling oncoming car drivers. With the continuous improvement of the speed of the car, the car headlamps lighting distance can reach 200 ~ 300 m. Fog fog lamps installed in the front of the car and the back. Used for lighting when fog had driving road and for oncoming cars and provide signal back to the car. Front fog lamps installed near the headlamps, usually slightly lower than the location of the headlamps, visibility is low because of the fog, the driver line of sight is limited. Red and yellow is the color of the strongest penetration, front fog lights color is yellow, this is because the yellow light wavelengths longer, has a good performance, to penetrate the fog lamp power is generally 35 w. With one, only after the fog lamps should be installed in the top left of the vehicle longitudinal plane, and the distance between the brake lamp should be greater than 100 mm, the fog lamps lighting light color to red, to keep a safe distance, warning following vehicles power generally for 21 w bulb. Reversing light back-up lamp installed in car tail for reversing car rear road lighting and warn other vehicles and pedestrians, says the car is back, with the function of the light signal device. Pour, light light color to white, power is commonly 28 w. License plate lamp plate lamp for light vehicle license plate for the night after the car can you see the license plate number 20 m. License plate lamp is installed above the automobile tail plate or left and right sides, light color is white, light bulbs for 8 ~ 10 w. It doesn't have a separate switch control with wide lamp or light switch control. There will be according to the requirement to license plate lamp, must be the same switch control with small lights. Automotive interior lighting system interior lighting system by the dome light lights, work lights, instrument lights, footfall, compartment lights. Mainly is to provide convenience for the drivers and passengers. Light color is white, light bulb power within 2 ~ 20 w. Dome light, installed on the top of the cab or car, for the cab or car lighting lamps and lanterns. The light color is usually white. Instrument lights, installed in the dashboard, it is used to lighting the car instrument. The light color is usually white. Courtesy lamp, generally installed in car or both side of the steps, the function is used to lighting the door step, facilitate the passengers getting on or off, the light color is usually white. Work light: when is the vehicle maintenance a conductor can be moved using low voltage lighting, power supply from generator or battery. Often with a hook or clamp, plug have a cigarette lighter plug type or two column type two kinds. Compartment lights: inside the car compartment for lamps and lanterns, the light is white. Reading lamp: installed in the front of occupant seats or top, concentrated reading crew would not give the pilot produce dazzling phenomenon, lighting range is small, some adjusting mechanism and optical axis direction. Door lamp: installed in the car at the bottom of the doors of the medial, open the door, door light shine, with AD and pedestrians, vehicles give way. Power is 5 w, light color to red. 1 car light signal system. Turn signals in the car before and after, left, right corner, for when the car turn signal and flash, make the vehicles and pedestrians, before and after the traffic police is known by its moving direction. To light the lights of the light color for Hu platinum color, lamp power is usually 20 w. Car turn signals indicating distance to turn signals before and after visible from 100 m away during the day, visible side turn signals from 30 m away during the day. Flash frequency should be controlled in 1 turn signals. 0~2Hz。 2. Dangerous warning light alarm signals used for vehicle in dangerous situation, emergency light left and right turn signal before and after to issue a warning signal at the same time. And turn signals have the same requirement. 3. Brake light brake light signal due to indicate the vehicle's braking or slowing. Brake lamp is installed in the rear of the two side, two brake lamp should be symmetrical and the longitudinal axis with cars on the same height, brake lamp lighting light color for red light, should guarantee the day from 100 m away. 4. Clearance clearance lamp lights installed in the car before and after, left, on the right side of the edge. Used for indicating the width when driving at night. Used in car driving at night when mark the width and height of the car, so it is called the corresponding width modulation 'and' 'high light'. Clearance lamp lights mark 300 m visible in the night. Before clearance of the lamp light light color to white, after the clearance of the lamp light color is red, the more power bulbs for 8 ~ 10 w.
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