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Making the Right Choices About Fog Lights

by:DLAA      2020-04-21
Fog Lights on our vehicles have become pretty commonplace anymore, and are generally standard equipment on most new vehicles. While they are extremely helpful in foggy or snowy conditions, most folks sadly just use them for looks. You find way too many drivers and vehicles that have their fog lights on all the time. This can be quite annoying and often hazardous for other drivers in front of them, or coming towards them, as they increase the amount of light others have to deal with. Making this more of a problem, is that many vehicles fail to align the fog lights correctly, so they shine up too high. Or put them on a big Pickup, SUV, 4x4, or any vehicle that sits high, and it's a bigger problem. The key to fog lights is to use them for their intended purpose ONLY. They are absolutely terrific at helping drivers see the road ahead when driving in the fog, or even in the snow. Because of their beam line, they are far superior to headlights or driving lights in this type of nasty weather. Front fog lights are most often white or a selective yellow, and mounted low on the front of the vehicle. This helps them do their job by keeping the light beam low and closer to the ground. Better for you to see with, my dear! Legally, the use of fog lamps when visibility is not reduced is prohibited in many parts of the world. They are a huge problem for both their driver and all the other drivers around them when it's raining or when the road is wet - because they the light reflects off the wet pavement. Think about it - they're mounted close to the ground - they aim closely in front of the vehicle and nearer the ground. It's like shining a flashlight in a mirror!
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