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LED Lights For Daytime Running Lights Helps Driver

by:DLAA      2020-04-28
All new types of passenger cars as well as small delivery vans must, as from today, be loaded with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), the European Union said. Trucks and buses will comply with suit in 18 months' period. DRL lights are special lights that automatically switch on whenever the engine is started. They are anticipated to enhance road safety as they significantly increase the awareness of motor cars for other road users. They also get a low energy usage rate when compared with existing 'dipped-beam' head lights. In countries where DRL is already obligatory it has been hailed as a very good improvement in road safety. European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, in charge for industry and entrepreneurship said: 'Daytime running lights will help to make an essential factor to our goal of minimizing casualties on European roads. This is also very good news for environment protection as the lower energy consumption rates will cut down CO2 emissions in contrast to normal lamps'. In 2009, more than 35, 000 people were killed on European roads and, for each loss of life, there are an predicted 4 permanently disabling injury, ten severe injuries and 40 minor injuries. These figures are decreasing thanks to a variety of actions, which includes better safety technologies for cars or trucks, safer road infrastructure and enhanced driver exercising. In accordance to the latest study on DRL, road users, which includes pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists can identify cars loaded with DRL a lot more obviously and earlier than those loaded with dipped beam head lights. On cars or trucks loaded with DRL, the light is immediately turned on as soon as the engine is started. When it is dark the driver has to switch on the driving lights manually. In this case the DRL goes off automatically. From an environmental standpoint, DRL is an effective answer for enhancing the awareness of cars or trucks. As the technology is developed to be used through the daytime it is much more efficient and effective than existing lighting devices. The energy usage is roughly 25 - 30 % of the consumption of a typical driving light. When applying the LED Lights for Daytime Running Lights, the energy consumption is further more minimized to just 10%.
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