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Learning About Yellow Fog Lights

by:DLAA      2020-04-20
Yellow fog lights and all colors of fog lamps are great. Fog lights have been becoming more popular. All the way to the safety reasons of fog lights, to the modified look of fog lights entirely. For whatever reason you are interested in fog lamps, I say go for it because they can only help your vision at night while driving. Lets start with some of the main questions a person would most likely ask themselves when trying to achieve getting a certain fog lamp look or lighting. How much money will this cost me? Depending on what type of fixture and setup you go with, it can run anywhere from twenty dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. What makes up for such the difference is, all the different types of lighting you can go with. For example, HID kits are what I believe to be the upcoming future of auto lighting are the most expensive most likely. Yes, you may spend a lot more but you will have top of the line lighting along with light quality and bulb life. Then you have the fifteen dollar setups you can find at your local fleet shop or some kind. Can I do this all myself? For Sure. If you want to pay someone to instal a couple of lights on your vehicle than go for it. I myself an a cheap person and love to save as much money as possible in areas of life where I can. But if there are other reasons you are unable to, do not take offense to this but instead just know I respect the thought of you craving fog lights. So no hard feelings there. Is yellow the best color for fog lights? To be honest, there is no scientific evidence of what color works best in foggy conditions. But in my opinion and a lot of others that I have heard, yellow does work the best. It helps drown out the fog with a yellowish tint. I would love to have some sort of scientific explanation for you, but I just don't. The only real proof I can give you, is to check out some online forums and see what others have to say. I'm thinking that will help persuade you.
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