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Leaf plate lined with you to meet with bone wipers boneless wiper

by:DLAA      2020-07-22
Boneless wiper is made of wiper strip steel piece, boneless wiper, wiper sheath, plastic parts, 4 parts group build and become. Compared to traditional wiper outfit build, boneless wiper group build is very easy and convenient; Only workers manual assembly can, without a screwdriver, etc. Ordinary wiper is to rely on the skeleton to make blade and glass laminating, due to its structure, the relationship between can not be perfect, make the doctor blade and glass caused the carbon blade scraping not net, easy to wear, noise and other issues. Boneless wiper is to rely on a single article guide force to disperse stress, makes the uniform stress of each part of smears, can reduce the production of water marks, scratches, achieve better shave brush effect. In addition, can significantly reduce jitter wear and has uniform stress, prevent insolation, the advantages of simple structure, lighter weight, wiper motor and blade life than traditional wiper extend at least one times, more economical and reliable.
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