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Leaf plate lined with insulation to do

by:DLAA      2020-07-20
The front and back arc and fender shock absorption, sound insulation, here was introduced into the chassis noise is the most common place, at the shock of the imported, tires and the road and gravel and sheet metal pieces generated by friction and impact noise through the front and back arc and the vibration of the fender easily into the cockpit. These parts after shock sound-absorbing construction can significantly reduce the noise caused by the road with the shock, the effect is very obvious. 。 Standard of sound insulation is two front wheel to remove the tyres, wipe off the dust and so on, and then as a first check vibration rubber layer, then put a layer of sound insulation cotton; Behind the two are in the trunk, clean after vibration is also posted first check glue, then stick a sound insulation cotton. Changsha new field of automobile noise is big can calm the hunan gold shop construction, remind you if you are not familiar with about cars, or is it better to go to professional construction for construction.
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