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Introduction to SMC composite sheet properties and applications

by:DLAA      2020-07-11
SMC composite material performance, unique solution to wood, steel, plastic meter box easy to aging, easy to corrode, poor insulation, cold resistance, poor, poor flame retardancy, short service life of faults, the excellent properties of compound meter box, has absolute seal waterproof performance, corrosion performance, preventing electricity-stolen performance, no need to ground wire, appearance beautiful, have a lock on security protection and sealing, long service life and composite cable bracket, in cable trench, composite meter box are widely used in the site, such as used in the reform of city network. Applications of SMC composite materials and their SMC moulded products, with excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance. So SMC products application scope is quite widespread, mainly include the following areas of application: 1, the application of electrical industry. 2, the application of auto industry. 3, the application of the railway vehicle. 4, communication engineering application. 5, the application of explosion-proof electrical equipment enclosure, etc.
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