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Introduces the advantages and disadvantages

by:DLAA      2020-07-26
Have advantages, also have bad place, embodied in: advantages: 1, reduce the risk of chassis scraping the bump of chassis parts damage. 2, to prevent the invasion of the sediment, effectively protect the engine. 3, effectively prevent the rain, snow, and the invasion of the acidic water, protect the engine and chassis related accessories early aging, corrosion, rust, etc. Disadvantages: 1, reduce the performance of heat dissipation, has a degree of influence on the engine heat dissipation; 2, easy to cause different ring, engine protection plate under the manufacturer, because of long problem when using or installation problems, easy to cause loose, shift caused by sound. 3, easy to deposit a foreign body, because there is a certain gap, the upper plate in the 'invasion' of foreign bodies ( Such as small stones, etc. ) On some ( And at the bottom of the engine) , while others due to rolling on which the sound. 4, not easy to maintain, such as maintenance of individual models at ordinary times, more the mounting guard and a 'process'. Is superior to inferior, specific car companies factory is equipped with guard board, if there is a 'guard' factory, certainly has its reason to install or design, if not, suggest you add, usually pay attention to driving and timely maintenance vehicles.
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