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Introduces how to select variable speed drive bearing for you

by:DLAA      2020-08-15
1, taking into account the variable speed drive bearing shape and size. 2, variable speed drive bearing horizontal placement, can also be placed vertical or inclined. Can be positive and negative rotation. Can be positive and negative input and output power ( The reduction or growth) 。 3, variable speed drive bearing no matter adopt what kind of installation method, and its connection are size requirements. 4, variable speed drive bearing axial positioning: will any of its three laps after axial positioning, do not need other two shaft axial position again. 5, the rotation direction positioning; Both outer and inner ring is flat key position. The circle is the use of transmission. 6, variable speed drive bearing on radial can bear the external force of smaller, but unfavorable under high work load. 7, transmission ratio, all is according to the first installation of transmission ratio. If the other installations, should calculate transmission ratio. 8, at the rated speed ( 1500rpm) , according to the transmission ratio and the required power ( 千瓦) The selection of variable speed drive bearing type. 9, when based on the working torque, need corresponding selection model. 10, reducer type selection in accordance with variable speed drive bearing model.
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