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Introduce you to what lights the most car headlights

by:DLAA      2020-08-07
Car headlights are used to according to road, not to say that the brighter the better, but the bulb is bright enough to use, no doubt about it. There are three people now use the car headlights, according to the order of lamps are available: is the original halogen bulbs, two is a xenon lamp, LED lamps, for a third. The original car halogen bulbs match of the light bulb is the time when the car factory, generally is 55 w, can be described as a generation products, car headlights xenon lamp is the second generation product, the LED headlight is the third generation of products, is a new generation of products. To judge the generation of product is good, first of all have to speak of from the luminous principle of each generation of headlight: generation of car headlights original halogen bulbs glow principle is: after, electricity the luminous tungsten heated to incandescence state, the electrical energy into heat energy, and then converted to light energy. Invent the light bulb, Edison made countless experiments to find the 'tungsten' as appropriate filament, this is the first generation product, the advantage is low cost, simple, defect is high temperature, poor durability, low brightness. Second generation headlights xenon lamp luminous principle is: the original car headlamps with ballast voltage from 12 v to 23000 v and then stimulate the arc light, and electrical energy into heat energy, then converted to light energy. Advantage is high brightness, brightness is original car 4 - halogen bulbs 6 times, the disadvantage is that the temperature up to 300 - 400 degrees, the lamp holder melting, the chimney roast yellow things happen from time to tome, very, very power, poor stability, start slowly, with a delay, usually people don't have to now. Three generations of lamps LED headlight light-emitting principle is: after electrify, LED chip light directly ( Stimulate the chemical energy directly shine) , directly into electrical energy through the LED chip photoelectric, skipped the step is converted into heat energy, therefore, the LED light source is also known as cold light source! LED headlight was inspired by the invention of fireflies, a fireflies at night our own light shine, not electricity also need not to burn oil, save electricity don't you say? Therefore, revolutionary LED technology is called the third lighting, lamp will popularize LED our family in the future. The advantage of LED lamps is: high brightness, brightness is original car 4 - halogen bulbs Six times; The temperature is very low, is generally 50 - 70 degrees, because the temperature is low, performance is very stable, almost no droop, instant startup, there is no delay. And pave the way is very uniform, as if you have this paragraph of time often have got me here let me help to install '5 d car LED bulbs C6F', paving the way is very uniform, not like the original car halogen bulbs or xenon lamp piece by piece, sitting in the cab, looking at very comfortable, not easy to visual fatigue.
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