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Introduce you to what factors will affect the use of the engine under guard

by:DLAA      2020-08-16
Automobile engine under guard board manufacturer production car engine under guard got very extensive application in now, but in the use of it, need to pay attention to item also has a lot of, you know engine protection plate under which there are several elements affect their use? We summarize the together. First is the material aspects: adopt the new aviation aluminum alloy material, toughness, not only can good crashworthiness, and material thermal conductivity is also very prominent. Second is the performance: compared with the traditional metal alloy plate, major 3 d alloy armor plate made it real all surrounded, this also is the alloy plate first all surrounding products. Is the most important security: new patent ear line design, ensuring that board by a certain strength along the sinking line automatically fracture, and under the traditional fixed point guard because screw and plate is an organic whole, affected by material and craft, etc, many brand protection plate can't achieve real sink function.
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