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Introduce you to what are the material production car engine protection plate

by:DLAA      2020-08-23
Engine is the heart of the car, the importance of the heart is self-evident, if the heart problems or stop beating the life-threatening. So in order to protect the engine, prolong the service life of it, you need to take protective measures for it. As at the bottom of the car engine, engine installation plate is a very good choice. Engine protection plate can avoid sediment, rain erosion engine directly, but also avoid the ground stone, sand the impact engine protection plate, the engine is a good weapon. Many kinds of automobile engine protection plate on the market, according to the material of plate under different can be divided into steel, titanium alloy under guard board, resin protective plate, aluminum alloy protective plate, etc. Different material to the characteristics of the different engine protection plate, here we detailed to introduce the specific properties of the material: steel plate material high strength, rigid, impact resistant, impact resistant, not easy to damage, but after a sand, after the long-term impact of paint falls off easily, scar formation, these scars long-term exposed corrosion rust easily, use after long period of time can produce noise, another deficiency is that steel plate under the heavy weight, can increase fuel consumption. Resin light and not easy to rust, corrosion, but its material itself after the hit to easy generation gap or even broken, damaged beyond repair after, but also is very poor, the cooling performance of the resin to produce greater influence on the side of the engine. So the resin produced by the engine protection plate price is not high. Aluminum alloy light weight, corrosion resistance, but its hardness is better than steel, protective performance is a bit poor. Titanium alloy material lighter in weight, high strength, good toughness, not fracture, impact resistant capability is strong, not easy deformation, and all kinds of acid, alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. The other titanium alloy plate outstanding advantage is its excellent heat dissipation, will not have an impact on the engine's heat dissipation, not increases fuel consumption, more will not produce noise, to improve a comfortable driving environment. Titanium alloy material plate is far better than that of the steel plate and aluminum alloy plate material, become the first guard plate of now many of the owners.
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