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Introduce you to what are common engine under guard

by:DLAA      2020-08-14
Under the engine protection plate is installed under the engine from the erosion of sand, mud, dust, etc, to extend the service life of engine. Under the engine protection plate is equivalent to a door, it will be the road bumps blur and small stones, such as rain, prevent engine wear, reduce the maintenance frequency, for cost savings. Due to engine protection plate under the difference of the material, it can be divided into many, at present the common has hard plastic resin under the engine under guard plate, steel plate, aluminum alloy under the engine protection plate, alloy under plastic sheeting of these four. Below we look at this in detail the advantages and disadvantages of several automobile engine under guard: hard plastic, resin under the engine protection plate, its advantage is light weight, low prices, has a certain resilience. The disadvantage is that this kind of material under guard plate collision resistance ability is poor, protection ability is limited, easy to damage.
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