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Introduce you to use has exquisite engine protection plate

by:DLAA      2020-08-19
Everyone knows engine protection plate is specially designed to protect the engine, can avoid engine to the road of clay, sand, and water intimate contact, to prevent its damage, prolong the service life of engine. See the engine protection plate has such a big effect, many owners have the choose and buy, but in the use of installing a engine protection plate, only to find that bought engine protection plate with their own models do not match, not installed, is very annoyed. Has this kind of situation the reason is that we do not know enough about automobile engine protection plate, just blindly follow suit. Below by automobile engines use the guard board manufacturer to tell you about the note owner friends all know that different brand car engine is different, but also the same brand of the engine are different, so the choose and buy when the engine protection plate customized according to the different car models, car is special. Before installing protection plate, chassis grease, otherwise it will affect the guard firmly. When installing engine protection plate anticollision beam dismantled before the following three pieces of thin plastic sheet, so that you can guard plate fixed to the front anticollision beam. Gaps between engine protection of the engine to be kept and, if the clearance is not enough, but the guard plate and the fixed plate and gasket. Or the sound of the engine to the body, will have the role of the guard to protect the engine will be affected. Installed protective plate of the vehicle engine, before moving to check carefully whether the vehicle engine protection plate winding flammable, in a timely manner, so as not to cause burning accident.
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