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Introduce you to tire cover and what is the difference between leaf plate lined with?

by:DLAA      2020-07-29
Leaf plate is also called the fender, according to the installation position is divided into front fender and leaves after plate. Refers to a kind of covering parts of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle car. Leaf plate includes: front fender, front fender liners, front fender, leaves after plate lamp, radiator framework. Front fender is installed at the front, you must ensure that the front wheel rotation and beating when the maximum limit of the space. After leaf plate no wheel rotation scratches problem, but, for the sake of aerodynamic leaves after plate slightly arched arc protrude and now some car fender is independent, especially the front fender, because of the collision chance more front fender. Tire cover: is a kind of adornment, tire out only as a decorative items.
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