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Introduce you to the temperature control is the key to the auto injection molding processing accessories

by:DLAA      2020-08-01
Temperature, can according to different raw materials, the injection molding processing requirements of temperature are also different, temperature through high or low is unfavorable for processing, it will also influence the effect of waste products. For example, under the condition of low temperature, liquid raw materials take on the colour of irregular; Under the condition of high temperature through, consumption of the products will have burrs, play less than qualified supplication. Casting speed control within the tao, quick words will present the burrs, fill too full, the phenomenon such as burning, slow can present shrinkage defects, as well as easy, so should be proper control of casting speed, make the products reach the qualified. In the process of the cooling time, the control of injection molding processing cooling time in the grinding tool is based on the processing of products of different and different, good cooling in direct relation to the products surface brightness, more to be sure to special attention. The accessories of plastic injection parts of uniform thickness and quality. All parts of the design of the cooling system to make the mold cavity temperature uniformity, gating system to make the material flow symmetry to avoid warping caused by shrinkage of different flow direction, the appropriate bold more difficult forming part of the shunt way, mainstream way, try to eliminate the density difference between the inside the cavity, pressure difference and temperature difference. Parts thickness transition zone and corner are smooth enough, to want to have good demoulding, redundancy, such as increasing stripping, improve the mold surface polishing, ejection system to maintain balance. Plastic products processing factory exhaust to good. On the wall thickness increase product or to increase resistance to warp direction, enhanced ability to resist buckling parts by reinforcing rib. Strength of materials used in the plastic mold.
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