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Introduce you to the performance characteristics of 3 d model steel sheeting under the engine

by:DLAA      2020-08-26
3 d model steel sheeting under engine using 3 d software scanning automobile chassis, the chassis of each hole production data, engine protection plate, and then based on the precision of data design has reached the hole a precise edge joint design requirements, to match the car engine. It's the perfect fit of the original car, it won't produce resonance, noise phenomenon, give your family a quiet and comfortable driving experience! 3 d model steel car engine protection plate surrounded by using 3 d design, effective protection area than ordinary guard plate area is as high as 30%, really more comprehensive protection, make the engine and gearbox are safer and prolong the service life of the engine, drive safe! 3 d model steel car engine protection plate adopt new plastic material, not only strong toughness, good crashworthiness can, and has a high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance characteristics, can effectively prevent the engine chassis rust and corrosion. 3 d model steel car engine protection plate new maintenance panel design, stainless steel screws, embedded buckle groove, can effectively prevent the cover off, remove the fast and convenient maintenance. It quoted aerodynamic design, will strengthen the tendons and integrated design, heat pipe heat dissipation effect is 3 ordinary steel plate. 2 times, effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation difficulties.
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