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Introduce you to the patron saint of the engine under the car engine protection plate

by:DLAA      2020-08-18
Automobile is one of the important traffic tools, we travel due to road differ in thousands ways, some flat and smooth, some of the dust float in the sky, the sand and densely, if the car on the way of poor, sand and dirt easily package engine, time is long will corrosion damage to the engine, brought inconvenience to the owner, also increases the maintenance costs. In order to prolong the service life of the engine, some owners choose to install auto engine under guard. Automobile engine under guard can eliminate driving car in the case of the palm because of external shocks shield against the phenomenon, and it also can prevent the splash mud, gravel, sand, etc. , to keep the bottom of the engine compartment and the engine clean and in good condition, better heat dissipation, is the patron saint of automobile engine. Automobile engine under guard plate installed on the bottom of the car engine, used in the original car chassis screw holes reserved a special screw fastening, need not do any changes on the original chassis, simple and easy to install. Automobile engine under guard board is designed according to the different models of professional, use a forming mold, high strength, fine craftsmanship, can block 93% of the dust, can effectively protect the direction of automobile engine oil pan and part of the machine parts, and also have special ventilation, after installation does not affect the engine heat dissipation, no abnormal noise while driving, loved by the majority of owners friends.
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