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Introduce you to the original engine protection plate and the benefits

by:DLAA      2020-08-22
Engine is the heart of the car, not the engine car will be paralyzed, and guard board, is the engine of armor, no armor, you think how long can you stay on the battlefield? So the car engine protection plate manufacturer told us, to protect the engine, guard board to install! Automobile engine sheeting has many features, don't know you know not to know. Aluminum alloy material of automobile engine protection plate, not only has a strong toughness, and can good crashworthiness, engine to heat up, and this kind of aluminum alloy material engine protection plate with good heat function, engine and can be fully surrounded, do good protection. Engine protection plate adopted new sinking design protection plate along the sinking line automatically after exposure to the strength of fracture, when hit by a violent impact can guard along the sinking line position to fall off, will risk to a minimum.
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