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Introduce you to the fog fog lamps manufacturer should open fog lamps or double flash

by:DLAA      2020-06-25
The fog should open fog lamps or double flash? Half the fog weather, the driver didn't do when we are driving the how to use the lights? The fog should open fog lamps or double flash? About the fog the open double flash or fog lamps, the most controversial is nothing but a lot of people think a double flash will be more prominent than open fog lamps, then this fact? Not really, double flash just look 'visible', but the actual effect of the actual effect cannot be compared with the fog lamps. Double flash without special design like fog lamps, irregular scattering light is like taillight, rather than the rule of radial; Second, the brightness of the double flash is much less than the fog lamps. In the case of the same distance, open fog lamp black vehicles is obvious more conspicuous than double flash of white car. So, the fog lamps light source, brightness, more than double flash is suitable for low visibility weather. Open double flash better than no open? Double full name is 'danger alarm flashlight', as the name implies, is the emergency lights for a sign for other vehicles slow down or stop. If open, in the process of normal driving will make the car could not judge limber intent, I don't know is stationary or in vehicles, when really in danger, need the car to stop, after a car accident that may occur due to too late to stop. How shame is allowed in the open double flash? We often say according to the rules, it is beyond doubt. But the reality is that sometimes we have deviation understanding of traffic rules. Domestic traffic laws provisions in rain fog day need open double flash is the premise of 'highway'. Highway poor visibility to open as much as possible the lights of the warning, it's normal. But if you have a lot to the traffic rules 'appropriation' in urban road, it's wrong. Urban roads can arbitrarily open double flash? City road branch, with high-speed road walk to black all different. Urban road has a temporary parking, have to incorporated into the bifurcate, have fear of rain can't drive, along with a variety of emergency small-scale operations. Note, however, that the city road fog, as long as it's not bad visibility to all stop, double flash should not open it. Otherwise the car how to judge limber whereabouts? Have fog lights and headlight enough warning.
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