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Introduce you to the engine under guard six big benefits

by:DLAA      2020-08-21
After buying a new car owners metropolitan think of film, sealing glaze, buy interiors, few people would have thought that the protection of the chassis, really experienced the owner all know 'lousy car bottom' first, they think that see the car used in assaying the fineness of the good or bad, to observe the chassis is one of the symbols of intuitive. Therefore, the car will love 'bottom' to start! Car chassis protected addition, engine protection plate under six big benefits allows you to take orally: if asked about the general owners which is important parts of the car? Presumably most people will automatically say, 'of course is the engine, and this is the heart of the car! ”。 Yes, the engine is important, but other parts of the car also is significant, such as the protection of automobile chassis is very. This is also the owner to ignore, or don't know exactly what are the benefits. Actually, the chassis is fragile love a part of the body, if you don't give appropriate protection, greatly shorten the life of the car. Here we summarized the six major benefits for car chassis, hope will be helpful to the owner. One advantage: chassis anti-corrosion: rust are starting from the bottom of the car, have you noticed, only made it two or three years of automobile beam has already started to radiant with rusty spot. Each washing wastewater will remain at the bottom, go down for a long time will form the potential of corrosion factors, harm the car, if the bottom of the car to seal model to you, then, even the acid rain erosion, snow-dissolved agent, washing the car caustic soda can through this layer of protective film. Benefits # 2: the stone: in the process of vehicles on the road, will splash a small stone, the stone hit the power of the floor with your speed is proportional to the, general 10 grams of small stones in the speed of 80 km the impact could be as high as 100 times their own weight. Enough to break 30 micron film, film once been broken, corrosion will start from the defect and slowly expanding from inside the iron plate, if your car has carried on the bottom seal model, even if the gravel to 5 kg of impact force can't break it. # 3: good heat insulation: in the winter, car open the air-conditioning, heat sink often, to rise, while the ground of the car air conditioning heat and cold air exchange mostly concentrated on the floor of the vehicle, the vehicle bottom protective effect how, directly determines the energy use of the vehicle, if your car at the bottom of the seal model, so the film inside the quartz sand will be cold and heat isolation. Advantages of four: shockproof: engine, the wheels are fixed on the floor of the car, they vibrate at a particular frequency will resonate with bottom, make the person produces very uncomfortable feeling, and the bottom protection will eliminate resonance. Benefits of five: sound insulation noise reduction: vehicle in the way of quick, wheels and road surface friction is proportional to the speed, protection on the bottom of the vehicle is in good condition, can greatly reduce the noise of the car. At the bottom of the benefits of six: the bottom: the thickness of the plate material can reach several millimeters, when is at the bottom of the road bumps scratches, chassis guard board can reduce the damage of bumps on the chassis. Item description: under the engine protection plate - under guard - - - - - - - - - - - - Characteristics of engine protector: engine under guard plate is based on a variety of different vehicle body design of engine block mud protector, the installation after heat without any impact on the engine, with special cooling hole, after installation without any abnormal sound. Can block 93% of the dust, prolong the service life of the engine. 2. 0 mm manganese molecular lengzha steel plate, high strength, heat faster patent appearance, patent bolts, make sure no noise twice plastic-sprayed surface treatment, not rust, Normal conditions of use) In China, with an average of 8 - the use of each vehicle cycle 10 years, and due to road conditions and using the environment etc, most of the car in less than three years have frequented pit, lifting the chassis, the car is good or bad in the expert eyes be clear at a glance. Open the led cover, engine is the difference between 'obvious'!
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