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Introduce you to the engine sheeting classification under the advantages and disadvantages of contrast

by:DLAA      2020-08-20
Strap is roughly divided into five types, its advantages and disadvantages of the main performance: hard plastic: the price is relatively cheap, simple production process doesn't need a lot of money and high value equipment investment, producing such guard low barriers to entry. Resin: main materials or plastic, but the proportion of different adopted in production, is not well solve the problem of collision avoidance and durable, etc. Steel: once the material is listed by the customer and customer groups such as the 4 s shop welcome, steel sheeting has solved the first two generation of plastic and the deficiency of resin plate, the material of the collision not only durable, but also more humanized design, machine filter for oil hole is reserved, can solve the problem of follow-up maintenance etc, and design of the ventilation holes, make the engine cooling is not affected by guard, this is the first two generation of guard board does not have, so the steel sheeting is used on the market at present time the longest, most customers use a protective material, but as the technology and material innovation, steel sheeting has gradually withdrew from the market stage. Plastic: plastic sheeting has been done to improve in many ways, is the biggest improvement point guard board layout, greater space for engine provides more protection, and increase in the thickness of the plate, but plastic material and resin material, is just the name change, its main material is still plastic, just content ratio is different, so the plastic material has fundamental flaw, collision and durable performance is poor, unable to provide impact protection for engine. Aluminum magnesium alloy, titanium alloy aluminum magnesium alloy titanium alloy plate of steel plate is an updated products, mainly with light weight, heat dissipation, good crashworthiness and never rust etc, so the aluminum magnesium alloy titanium alloy plate occupies the guard plate industry more than 70% of the weight, material which is the mainstream, and the big 4 s shop and forms a group, have also started to use as an engine protection of material used.
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