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Introduce you to the car when the heat need to be aware of the dangerous hazard

by:DLAA      2020-08-02
The first is to prevent the body overheating in the summer. Therefore, we should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system, including radiator, thermostat, water pump, fan, cooling water filling in time. The second is the battery depletion. Often should check the battery level, and add distilled water in a timely manner, to ensure the normal level. The third is the brake failure. Should be timely check the adjustment of the braking system, the long slope parking air brake should be paid attention to on the way; If discover hot brake hub, parking should be cool, but do not pour cold water on, in case of broken brake hub. In addition, if discover the tire temperature, tire pressure is too high, do not take deflated and throw cold water on the way, should choose the shade parking; Like wading, should stay reduced after wading tire temperature, to prevent tire early damage.
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