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Introduce you to the car under the classification of the guard plate is introduced

by:DLAA      2020-08-11
Engine protection plate, just as its name implies is to protect the engine without the protection of the engine under guard, driving on the bumpy road, may cause harm to the engine oil pan, and damage the engine. So the guard to install, now many people have cars, installing the guard board, it can be very good to protect the engine, but the guard plate type has a lot of, what should we choose? Automobile engine under guard plate manufacturers the following categories are introduced for us! Hard plastic, resin protection board, the price is relatively cheap, simple production process. For sediment erosion, even small small ceng chassis damage can easily cope with, only in the aspect of the overall strength will send Yu Gangban, although some resilience, but a bit serious about the palm is easily broken, but it is just at the time of serious accidents can help engine smoothly sinking. Steel protective plate, plate material is the owner to select more, first is cheap, another obvious advantage is hard, everyday driving tire rolled sediment stone for him no threat, even the occasional palm will not cause damage to him, even if the palm is only a slight variant. Aluminum alloy protective plate, aluminum alloy plate is a lot of decoration shop installation is recommended, the price of it in the shop can like steel sheeting, but on the propaganda, will say it lighter than steel sheeting, not cause fuel consumption increase. That is actually on margins is behind the high prices, the relative hardness, the hardness of aluminum alloy is far not equal to the protection of the steel plate, the advantages of its weight is lighter than steel plate.
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