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Introduce you to the car interior accessories real life you know how much?

by:DLAA      2020-08-10
Car in everyday use, for the life of the common car accessories, many novice owners will provide an answer to the shocking. So here it is necessary to open a small class, be careful! Phone well, to begin our class! How long the tyres on tire life? Small make up side is generally believed that the owner of the friends is 5 - 6 years, or even a friend you don't think the wheel grinding out the wire do not need to change, my god! In fact, the service life of tires and closely related to many factors. Such as climate, road, driving mode, installation, maintenance and so on. Tire replacement time change and change exercise 1, time change: tell you the 4 s shop is both tyres you run no more than 3 years to change this is bullshit. After N tyre practice found tire can be within five years - for five years Seven years in the meantime, some didn't drive car tires serious water shortage fissures, Is the tire side have small cracks) Crack depth achieve 2 mm this time means that the tire change. 2, exercise the replacement: tire sidewall and a circle on the edge of a surface has a lot of small triangular pattern along any a triangle transverse to the tread pattern, pattern will be found to have higher tire grain is lower than the normal pattern of tyre in small, it is safe to exercise it means that the tires in here. Don't change, only the fuel consumption and handling ability to brake down much. Especially on rainy days of snow. How to settle in the us not forget that the tyre wear 2 w - 3 it should be the front guide wheel (w kilometers Raider buggies except) Is not the same as the front wear. Can change the tire used tyres but never try face-lifting goods hanging tire, danger! Avoid by all means! From the international rules, if tire using normal tires to tread depth of 1. 6 mm when it must be replaced. Almost all of the tire in the depth of the decorative pattern of 1. 6 mm place marked. Such as normal use, ordinary tires using range of 5 - About 100000 kilometers. But need to remind you that the validity of the tire for five years after the factory, because the rubber has aging period, therefore, no matter whether the mileage reached 100000 kilometers, to the factory after 5 year period, you'd better change. The snow. In part owner point of view, two years in a snow has become a habit. The replaced periodically snow kind of concept, however, is not entirely correct. Because of the snow in liquefied state completely sealed in the compressed main pump and brass, if you do not see any leakage, can do not need to change for a long time. Brake pads. The service life of brake pads, normally according to owner individual braking frequency, road conditions. Generally speaking, the brake pads in 5 - About 80000 km will need to change, if is limited to wear a third degree calculation.
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