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Introduce you to the car engine performance indicators

by:DLAA      2020-08-07
First performance indicators, and is the size of the engine power capability index. Followed by the economy, the engine economy index generally expressed in specific fuel consumption effectively. Then the environmental indicators, automotive emissions standards and noise level. China specified in the standards for motor vehicle noise, the noise of the car shall not be greater than 79 db, 一) 。 And the reliability index, index of durability and reliability index is said engine under the specified conditions of use, within the prescribed period of time, the normal index of continuous working ability. Reliability has a variety of evaluation methods, such as fault range for the first time, mean mileage between failures, etc. Durability index refers to the engine main parts wear and tear to the limit of time can't continue to work normally. Finally the engine universal characteristics, the operation condition of the automobile engine can change in a wide range of scope. When the engine working condition changes, its performance is also changed. Engine performance index with the operation condition and the relationship of change called engine universal characteristics.
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