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Introduce you to the car after the fall of maintenance

by:DLAA      2020-08-11
1. Air conditioning after a summer of use, the car air conditioning duct usually breeding ground for bacteria, if not handled in time, is easy to mildew in air conditioning duct drive, and damage driver's health. Because, in the autumn, people has gradually don't open air conditioning, instead it away cycle ventilation. At this point, if air conditioning is not timely cleaning, antivirus, bacteria and odor, the pipe will be opened as your outer loop into the car. After entering the fall and winter, therefore, must be on the air conditioning pipe cleaning and disinfection. 2. Engine maintenance after the use of the summer, internal deposits a layer of oil sludge, will cause the engine fuel consumption increase, the power is reduced, and even cause engine damage, so enter the autumn, you should always check the engine compartment of engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, to see if the oil is enough, whether the metamorphic, whether the replacement cycle, the oil is like a car's blood, the replacement cycle, must change, to ensure the flow of the oil circulation. If summer is water instead of antifreeze, be sure to remember to replace the water with antifreeze. 3. Brake maintenance of the brake system is the key of the every car, time concerned about the life of people, after enter the autumn, the owner must often check brake have become weak, wandering, brake pedal cadence efforts if there is a change, need to clean up the entire line part of the braking system. 4. Paint maintenance of autumn morning, the dew is more, car surface often very damp, if there is a obvious scratch your car surface, should be timely do spray paint processing, in order to avoid scratch parts be affected with damp be affected with damp and corrosion, in addition, due to the corrosion of acid rain and summer rainfall summer light point-blank, car paint will inevitably be oxidation, in the off-season, you'd better from the surface of the car for you to do a cleaning and polishing wax to a series of beauty maintenance, sealing glaze or coating. 5. Tyres maintain tire is the 'foot' of the car, drive the vehicle safety, it plays an important role. In the summer, due to the high temperature, often should check the tire pressure, must not make the tire pressure is too high, otherwise, there will be the risk of a flat tire, and in the fall, because the temperature is relatively low, the tire will supply pressure, to keep it within the prescribed scope of air pressure, at the same time, should also check the tire for scratches, because the rubber in autumn winter season is easy to harden and become brittle tire easy leakage, even Mr Tyres, in addition, often should clean up the inclusions in the tire. 6. The car sterilization after high temperature and rainy summer, the car carpet, glue and other blind many bacteria can develop. As the weather turns cool, window no longer often open, didn't feel the car's original air become turbid, peculiar smell, not only feel sick to your car key may cause harm to human body health. Therefore, in order to the occupants of health, the owner after enter the autumn, must give the car interior do a thorough sterilization and clean. Maintenance, it is best to professional cleaning agent with high temperature interior sauna machine, it can not only remove the dirt, odor, but also can effectively kill bacteria. Cleared, reoccupy protectant to care of interior, can make the interior decorations look brand-new.
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