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Introduce you to the analysis of the causes of brake pad material hair ring

by:DLAA      2020-08-22
The cause of the brake pads hair ring, is not only the problem of brake pads, and with its brake disc and the brake system with other artifacts, can cause brake lining ring. The first kind are many brake pad drawings, there are two letters I, O. I— Inner, Inner piece, should be in a brake disc inside; O— The Outer, outside, should be installed on the Outer edge of the brake disc. Folk for A set of brake pads, two different situation, called A/B slices or pieces of Yin/Yang. The A/B, there are A lot of A significant difference between the two, is generally not equipped wrong. But some of the A/B, but it is difficult to distinguish, A bit not careful, he is wrong, both inside and outside cause the ring. For example, before have a boulevard piece - — D1351, four pieces of steel back of size, shape are the same, but the two pieces of steel straps four nail, the other is two pieces of steel back with two nails, the former is the piece, the latter is outside. The second kind of specious lot of brake pads, very similar to the shape and size, common to many, many major brands of domestic and international, number is not entirely uniform, but does not affect the use, such as jetta, gold kylin D684, lu da with D780, no problem. Even, many masters, the models are lacking, also can find substitutes, deftly used or with a little modification can be fitted. There are a lot of cars, especially Japanese, in the process of evolution model, the brake pads made only minor adjustment, there must be the reason. Estimate technical data confidentiality, monopoly sales, is one of the reasons. Rather than the product of form a complete set, is often difficult to follow up quickly, or the difference is very small, don't want to put the model complicated, it is usually 'roaring toward the enemy', will inevitably occur due to match the hair ring. On the other hand, a lot of shape is very similar to brake pads, is also very easy for beginners get wrong. Folk some processing methods, principles and are not clear, some people think, you might as well try, such as: using the cleaning agent cleaning disk friction and friction block, with thick cloth grinding block surface or in the cement ground grinding wheel brake pads around and exchange, and so on. The most classic chamfering, of course, as a reminder, chamfering is overmuch, make friction surface is too small, also can cause hair ring. Many brands of products do not allow the chamfer.
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