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Introduce you to submit the standard parts is what

by:DLAA      2020-08-24
What is a fixture standard parts? Fixture standard was become a standard parts, refers to the layout, drawing, symbol, and scale aspects such as complete specification and standardization, and produced by professional manufacturers commonly used some of the parts and components, such as rolling bearing, key, thread, pin, etc. Broad sense including the standardization of seal, spring, fittings, hydraulic components, fasteners, bearings and other mechanical parts. In a narrow sense refers to only include standardization of fasteners. Commonly known as the specification of a domestic ( Submit the standard) Is short for standard fasteners, is a narrow definition, cannot eliminate the concept of broad sense, in addition, there are professional standard parts, such as car fixture standard, standard mould parts, etc. , also belong to the specification in the broadest sense of the thing. Specification in the broadest sense of the thing, there is a clear specification of mechanical zero ( Department) Parts and components, using mainly include China national standard ( GB) , the American society of mechanical engineers ( ANSI/ASME) And so on, the other Japanese ( JIS) , Germany ( DIN) Such as specification and is widely used in the world. High degree of standardization, professional strong commonality of mechanical parts and components, also known as interchangeable parts. General specification contains fasteners, fittings, transmission parts, seal, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearing, spring, etc. , have the corresponding national standards, strong commonality across the profession. Professional norms, observes the concept to profession, no clear rules. Professional norms has common mould standard parts, auto standard parts, etc. When a commodity widely in professional and general, which is part; Off-the-shelf specifications set by the profession leader company commonly, profession widely, under this company specification becomes the fact of professional norms, also can be called professional standard parts. Die standard parts, mold profession standardization degree is higher, the detailed have injection mold frame, putting ejector sleeve, warm current mould, etc. Auto submit specifications, the variety, such as automotive fasteners, spark plugs, shock absorption, and door lock, details visible ( Automobile standard parts manual) 。 Industry more sophisticated, the higher the degree of standardization and standard generalized, standard parts, the more professional the less capital, so to prevent excessive regulations, standardization, lest varieties drab, low-end industry.
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