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Introduce you to stainless steel hinge daily maintenance methods

by:DLAA      2020-08-25
A hinge, stainless steel hinge is used because its price is reasonable, use convenient, also when the stainless steel with various corrosion, its protection ability is cleared, oxidized, and rust, this will cause stainless steel hinge use function is greatly reduced, so the usual way that what we should pay attention to maintenance. Stainless steel hinge must often clean scrub of decorative stainless steel appearance, remove attachments, clear trigger modified external factors, at the time of installation with a cup of iron hinge, slowly like closed closed hinge, remember must be slow, if you think this hinge is very smooth, no way, even trying a few are suitable, try to avoid damage to stainless steel hinge in use process. In coastal areas to use higher level material of stainless steel hinge corrosion resistance to sea water, some stainless steel tube chemical composition on the market can't conform to the corresponding scale, short of stainless steel material requirement, which will cause rust, which requires users to the product of manufacturer of carefully selected more credit.
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