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Introduce you to select the buffer hydraulic hinge tricks of the trade

by:DLAA      2020-07-29
Buffer hydraulic hinge, is intended to provide a buffer performance, using liquid buffer effect ideal of a hydraulic buffering hinge. New include bearing, door, connection box, buffer block, connecting rod and the torsional spring, one end of the buffer hinged on the bearing; Connection piece middle articulated on the support, with hinged door box, and the shock absorber piston rod hinged on the other side; Connecting block, connecting rod and bearing, door box form linkage; Buffer containing, piston, piston rod, shell has a hole and hole in the piston, piston rod drives the piston moves, the liquid through a hole can be from one to the other, so as to play a buffer action. With the increase of users, manufacturers are also constantly increased, under the tide of market economy, shoddy is constantly emerging, many consumers said soon after used without the function of the hydraulic, expensive several times the price of the buffer hydraulic hinge was only took less than a few months to be no distinction and ordinary hinge, how can not sad? There are even decorate users decide later need not this hinge. This kind of situation is a bit like a few years ago alloy hinge, use waste to hinge on the screw was broken, caused many consumers loyal drag chain alloy hinge on alloy hinge 'blind eye' to cast iron hinge line crack, eventually alloy hinge a shrinking market. So also on production in the buffer in the manufacturer of the hydraulic hinge, not for a profit and hurt the heart of the consumers in the era of asymmetric information, consumers can't distinguish the quality stand or fall of cases, the manufacturer should take more to the quality of the sense of responsibility, eventually will reach the win-win situation of market and profit. Is because the stand or fall of hydraulic piston sealing is good, so there is no way to roof chain consumers to tell in the short term, if you want to choose good quality hydraulic buffer hinge: 1, the appearance, mature technology manufacturers of products in appearance will be pay attention to, on the line and surface treatment is better, in addition to general scratched, there is no deep digging traces of the injury, this is a strength manufacturer's technical advantage. 2, close the door of uniform speed, careful attention to buffer hydraulic hinge whether switching has the feeling of a card, if you hear a sound, or how fast speed difference is too big, should pay attention to is the hydraulic cylinder has a different don't choose. 3, rust, in a salt fog test its rust resistance, for 48 hours in general is rusty phenomenon in a few cases.
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