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Introduce you to not to install the engine sheeting has any harm

by:DLAA      2020-08-25
Automobile engine protection plate is a protective device is used to protect automotive engine. Road conditions, some rugged, have a plenty of dirt, if vehicles running on the uneven road surface, road surface and raised hard objects flying stones will direct contact with the engine, and splash mud invasion into the engine, will damage the engine, shorten the service life of the engine. And installed on the engine protection plate, avoid direct contact with these hard engine, put them away. The friend said, engine protection plate dispensable, engine protection plate installation will affect the heat dissipation. In fact, everything has two sides, engine protection plate is not exceptional also, but it's not do more harm than good. Below we let's look at the dangers of not to install the engine board, drivers and then make a decision whether to install engine protection plate. Harm one: engine life shortened after no engine protection plate, the whole engine and almost direct contact with the ground, the dust on the ground directly into the engine compartment, engine breathe every day is the dust, fine particulates drawn into the engine, the engine is easy to wear and tear, shorten service life. The wheels roll up sediment, mud in the rain and snow, can cause corrosion to the exposed parts. Harm 2: vehicle maintenance cost greatly improve the current common turbocharged models, maintenance cycle is 10000 kilometers. But the road is more complex, have a plenty of the rugged mountain road, some smooth tarmac, still have a plenty of muddy dirt road, due to the lack of engine protection plate, vehicle cause nacelle poor working conditions, maintenance cost greatly increase. Harm 3: increase fuel consumption vehicles have the engine protection plate, the bottom of the vehicle more level off, driving on the highway, the wind resistance is small. If not installed engine protection plate, vehicle chassis is not flat, high speed, wind resistance, fuel consumption increase. Harm four: chassis fender-bender, engine damage. No engine protection plate, a small knock against, can lead to engine damage, even need to be replaced, the cost is higher.
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