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Introduce you to let the car the method of longevity

by:DLAA      2020-07-31
Cars have become important in our life instead of walking tool or means of transport, because it often fatigue driving, so it is unavoidable to send small temper, sick, like a warning light normally on, engine temperature higher than normal, oil leakage, the car under turbulence or brake abnormal noise, smell, accelerate and brake pedal feel strange phenomena, such as the clues, things are likely to cause serious illness and leads to lower the life of the car. We can draw a car longevity besides related to quality of the car itself, also related to the daily maintenance. Today we let the car just to get to know the method of longevity: 1. First car equipped with engine protection plate, to avoid the engine chassis suffered the rain erosion, muddy. 2. Oil change on a regular basis. Often add lubricating oil engine, longer service life. With the passage of time, the oil pollution, reducing loss of oil lubrication effect, very accelerate the engine wear and tear. If the oil change on a regular basis and using appropriate levels of the oil, can make your car engine internal clean and get sufficient lubrication. At the same time also needed to ensure the car all kinds of lubricating oil clean. 3. Note the maintenance car withstand sun, rain and snow, the frost to play for a long time, the body will become muddy and corrosion, in order to keep the vehicle clean beautiful sex, need regular cleaning the car. Often the car wax helps to protect the paint and the car very luster. Scratches on car repair paint touch up in time to avoid corrosion of car body. 4. Keep dry and clean inside the car because the car's dashboard, instrument panel and carpet has a lot of electronic devices and power lines, so you need to keep the car clean and dry. When the car clean and tidy, the car will be pure and fresh smell. Once the moisture inside the car, the garbage is not clear in time and the car smelled was inevitable. Normally, new car is equipped with air conditioning filter in ten thousand to twenty thousand miles, then avoid causing peculiar smell inside the car needs to be replaced. 5. The maintenance of the tire inspection car tires inflated condition on a regular basis. Because the tires under-inflated accelerates tire wear and tear, and increase fuel consumption. The tyre can speed up the wastage of the suspension system and handling parts. Take turns to use the tyres on a regular basis. If you don't take turns to use on a regular basis some tyres, will sag or noise.
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