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Introduce you to install the engine under guard affect engine cooling?

by:DLAA      2020-08-15
Compared with the past dirt road, the road now are mostly asphalt, flat compression, but in our rural or mountainous area, the road is still bumpy, when the car in the bad road, a chance for the road at the bottom of the high speed of sand, clay and hit, accelerated the damage of the engine. So many car owners in order to protect the engine, prolong the service life of the engine, engine to put on your coat - — The car engine under guard. But the car engine will operate at a high speed fever phenomenon, if you have some worry about the installation of automotive engine under guard after affect engine cooling, affect their performance. Under the engine will affect the engine heat dissipation guard? Under the engine protection plate does not affect the engine cooling and heat dissipation is done by the cooling fluid circulation, have auxiliary fan, the road outside wind cooling, as long as before the tank cover is no problem. In addition, the engine now under guard are special car, depending on the engine design, some will leave vents, ensure engine can normal heat dissipation. Installation under guard not only will not affect the engine heat dissipation, and will stop the sand dust, dirt, intimate contact engine, in order to better protect the engine. Under the engine protection plate tear open outfit simple, easy to clean, good protective clothing is engine.
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