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Introduce you to install the engine bottom guard what are the complications

by:DLAA      2020-08-22
Owners friends are familiar with the engine bottom plate, ordinary car chassis is low, the rough surface, easy to wear chassis, so some owners will give their car equipped with bottom plate. As if to chassis for reassurance, feel good about themselves. But with the engine bottom plate is not perfect, its disadvantages as well. Under the simple analysis of installing bottom plate below may harm: 1, the bottom of the engine sheeting may change the air flow of engine compartment when vehicle running, larger influence on performance of radiator nacelle, after a long time will cause harm to the engine. Bottom plate, add 2 engine will change the engine already matched good vibration performance of deterioration in idle speed vibration, acceleration vibration, can appear even accelerate the rumbling sound. If the installation is not good, possibly and nacelle form resonance cavity, the engine noise is bigger, affect the driving environment. 3 although armor can protect the engine, engine bottom, but the shelter evil people and practices easily. Stone, dust, dirt, tend to deposit on guard, if broken stone stuck in between the plate and hold parts, may cause the engine sound, even damage the engine. So you need to regular cleaning the engine bottom plate, increased workload.
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