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Introduce you to how to identify the casting sand hole, shrinkage, slag inclusion, porosity, loose

by:DLAA      2020-08-15
1. Sand hole - - - - - - - Caused by the falling sand holes, irregular shape, hole inner surface is rough, more than in the small section appearance position. : 2: slag hole - - - - - - - Due to the impurities in cavity or low melting point within the liquid material into the cavity of the hole, the shape is irregular, shallow depth, hole surface is smooth and glossy, color, material similar to enamel. 3: porosity - - - - - - - Because of bad liquid deoxidation sand high moisture content, volatile matter too much causes holes. DNA is bad: parts local and overall such as worm hole, twists and turns, abstruse, similar to round; High sand moisture content: ( Mainly steel) Easy generation ofsubcutaneous emphysema, shaped like a tadpole shape, depth of 3 - 5mm; Volatile matter too much: more than exist in the slag hole in the middle position. 4: shrinkage - - - - - - - Because of the riser is too small, low temperature, or process is not reasonable, in the bottom of the riser, loose organization. 5: shrinkage cavity - - - - - - - Serious shrinkage, irregular shape, from top to bottom, there is large to small, its triangular shape
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