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Introduce you to highlight industry steady growth for market segment

by:DLAA      2020-07-31
Passenger car market in 2014 to present structural strength: sedan market growth is slowing, represented by MPV and SUV's new forces continue to force; Cars tend to be ChongXingHua SUV tends to light-duty; Turbo models become the trend of the market. New product to promote characteristic, new products to promote the main levels in A sedan and A0 SUV. Population age structure have bigger influence on the market, to ensure the recent market growth after 85. 2015 is the annual consumption. Fuel-efficient cars subsidies still is the main market. Comprehensive above, is predicted to grow by about 10% 15 years special passenger cars. Commercial vehicles need to look for new. Number of commercial vehicles in the future market size can be changed a little, is expected to 2017 - There will be a turning point around 2020. The direction for the future of commercial vehicle products: high-end, high reliability; Electronic and intelligent. Highway transportation has begun from the main transportation commodities, iron ore, coal to higher value-added products. Commercial vehicle market in the future competition from the expansion of the scale to promote the efficiency of value; From domestic competition to expand abroad. The rapid development of new energy vehicles: is about to start. New energy vehicles made some progress on the core components, and forms a certain technical route, improved steadily with the core technology, has formed with the Beijing and tianjin, the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta as the cluster of new energy vehicles industry development area. Is expected late city purchase will be the new energy car incremental important driver of the taxi field application scope expanding gradually, time-sharing leasing is the important way of private markets.
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