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Introduce you to guard plate how to install the engine

by:DLAA      2020-08-18
Increase in the number of private cars, which makes people pay more and more attention to the car maintenance, while the engine is the heart of the car, so the engine maintenance is of great urgency. Engine maintenance in addition to daily check the maintenance, but also can be installed engine protection plate, engine protection plate can avoid engine and sediment, the damage caused by close contact with rain, can prolong the service life of the engine, can also save maintenance cost. Engine protection plate installation is simple, the owner can be installed successfully on their own. Automobile engine engine protection plate factory to tell you about the guard plate installation steps: first, before installing the engine protection plate must be carefully remove chassis stockpile of oil, can use special detergent such as asphalt, oil pollution thoroughly remove clean, otherwise it will affect the fastness to guard. Next, remove the original car bolt, the number of the guard and two fixed with them. Finally, engine protection plate installation, alignment bolt hole, a nut. Nut gently twist on the line, not to tighten the, after waiting for the rest of the hole on the bolts are screwed, tightening them one by one. Engine protection plate installation is very simple, to note here is guard and engine matching, otherwise it will affect the heat loss, less protection.
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