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Introduce you to engine protection plate and what's the difference between a chassis armor

by:DLAA      2020-08-18
Now people for car maintenance is more and more attention, especially the heart of the car - — The engine is a particular concern. But people in the maintenance car often get mixed up armored chassis and engine protection plate, think that the two are the same kind of protection device, in fact the difference is completely irrelevant two devices. By below small make up to these two kinds of protective device are introduced, so that the drivers. Chassis armor is on the bottom of the car, the surface with a layer of adhesive rubber asphalt coating, because the bottom of the car is the metal material, spray, can prevent the corrosion of water and other substances. Chassis armor can effective protection gravel hit for chassis, prevent mild drag the bottom friction; The prevention of acid, alkali, salt corrosion of chassis plate; Stop chassis plate heat conduction, make driving indoor warm in winter and cool in summer. Engine protection plate is designed according to different models held engine protection device, installed at the bottom of the engine, to protect the engine. The first is to prevent the earth engine, the engine heat dissipation, the second is to prevent the road bump does not usually cause the engine. The engine bottom plate are car is special, because different car engine is different, so the choose and buy engine protection plate according to engine models to choose and buy. Can be seen from the above, chassis armor as part of the painting project, mainly for anti-corrosion insulation, protect the car chassis. Installed engine protection plate belongs to the class project, below the engine, is against the palm, protect the engine.
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