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Introduce you to do car tire dynamic balance?

by:DLAA      2020-08-13
Speeding car tire wobble or square pad will feel vibrations. This may occur if temporary solution and there is no way to make up for the mistake. Actually when found that the slight unsafe factors should be timely correction. As long as have a car now friends all know that the word dynamic balancing the well-known. What is a dynamic balance? In a nutshell is uneven tire overall. As long as pay attention to your car's friends will take care of your car on the edge of the wheel hub has a lead of one or more size. The lead in the inside wheel, wheel hub of the lateral. Actually I can't look down upon these heels, because he gave me the stability of the car tyres play a very important role. Chongqing auto parts manufacturers, especially the new brand tires, tyre money is necessary to make a dynamic balance. How to do dynamic balance for all car? Everyone I no operation how to detect correctly? Simple to talk about now. The process of dynamic balance! First the LOGO, the dynamic balancing device on the wheel, then fixed up. Get a ruler on the dynamic balancing instrument in measurement, measurement of dynamic balancing machine and wheel hub, the value of the distance between the draw. This value is then input to the first controller. Second will be bent feet out, which is used to measure the width of the wheel hub, through numerical input to the second controller. Finally the tire sidewall look at tyre directly, after the diameter value is lost in the controller, press the start key. Starting test. These things formal inspection should be done well before when I stopped, the computer can detect the wheel inside and outside need to increase the weight, should first put the lateral, rotating tires, prompt adjustment according to the instrument. If a single tires to check dynamic balance so I only want to unload the car tyres, install the machine dynamic balancing machine for the rotation of tip is the tyre itself: that's the barycenter offset: actually, I should do dynamic balance check of car tires on a regular basis. Swing the wheel, because when the dynamic imbalance will make car tyres wavy wear; If it is static unbalance simply won't happen turbulence and beat phenomenon, if temporary no disposal will make flat spots occur tires. Therefore, to regularly test the balance of the tire will not only extend the tyre use sound reputation can also listen to the stability of the car tyres can avoid I had a car accident caused irreparable consequences.
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