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Introduce you to choose what kind of material of automobile engine protection plate is better?

by:DLAA      2020-07-29
There are four common guard board, hard plastic, resin protection plate, steel protective plate, alloy plastic PVC protective plate and aluminium alloy ( Titanium alloys) Protection board. Say the first hard plastic, resin material protection board, the material of guard advantage obviously, because of light weight, so will not affect the engine, it is the most important, its price is cheaper, and has a certain resilience. Shortcoming is also very obvious, of course, this kind of material is the corresponding protection ability is limited, it's easy to damage, not made. Then said the protection of the steel plate, this is a bit strong impact resistance, the price is cheap. But steel and heavy, affect the engine, and compared with the plastic no resilience, easy to produce resonance. The third said alloy plastic PVC protective plate, this is a very good guard, relatively light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good resilience, fully enclosed, will not affect the engine down. Weakness is not a lot, is the price is quite high, many users to buy this kind of material. The last point is aluminum alloy ( Titanium alloys) Protection plate, aluminum alloy plate is today's top guard board, first of all, light weight, high strength, good impact resistance. But for the sake of material and processing technology, so this type of guard is price is higher than other material plate.
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