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Introduce you to buy the engine under guard

by:DLAA      2020-07-30
Cars drive in ordinary process, the road of sediment water on the vehicle, chassis of cut and rub a bit serious about the palm is also common, gravel, sand will also impact on engines, a bit not note will affect or damage the vehicle, in order to better protect vehicles, improve the driving performance of vehicles, installed under the engine protection plate is very be necessary. Now in the market of engine under guard plate type style is various, has the model steel, aluminum alloy, titanium, magnesium alloy, and 3 d, surrounded by all owners friends dazzled, don't know how to choose. Due to armor plate quality under different engine, its protective performance is also slightly different. So if you want to choose and to the satisfaction of the engine under guard board, need to pay attention to the following contents: first, engine protection plate under the choose and buy should choose to match with their cars, because different models the engine model is different, in order to make sure the engine protection plate joint degrees with engine. Owners can according to their own habit of car with local roads to choose, if most of the time to drive in cities, choose lightweight aluminum alloy engine protection plate, light does not increase the body important, just to avoid the rain attacks engine protection plate. If often run long distance or suburbs, due to the complex road conditions, suitable selection of model steel or titanium magnesium alloy under the engine protection plate, durable, good heat dissipation, not rust. Of course surrounded by all new 3 d engine protection plate can be applied to various road conditions, but the price is higher. In order to keep the engine air cooling function, try to choose guard plate surface has ventilation holes. Another guard plate surface gap is reserved for the convenience of maintenance, better contrast in advance when buy, in order to avoid future maintenance need the mounting plate, more troublesome.
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