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Introduce you to avoid the bumper was injured

by:DLAA      2020-07-28
1. Install rubber can reduce the corner bumpers damaged bumper edge part is easily injured part of the car shell, driving feeling bad man is easy to wipe the court. the is full of scars. To protect this area is around the corner, just at the corner of the bumper with respect to OK, and the installation is very simple. This method can reduce the bumper damage degree. Rubber, of course, if it is damaged, then it is ok to replace. In addition, the corner is very thick rubber mat, rubber attached to the bumper corner, if you want to and the body seems to be whole, can be sprayed coating. 2. Corner indicating column use to judge the position of the bumper bumper is erected the corner parts marked out column, some of the products of the company and with the type of motor drive automatic telescopic. Indicating the corner column, can correctly identify bumper corner position, prevent bumper damage, improve driving skills, often easy to scratch bumper, well fitted with a try. With this corner label column, in the driver's side can correctly judge the position of the bumper, very convenient.
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