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Introduce you to autumn maintenance inside the car owners should not be ignored

by:DLAA      2020-08-11
Although the air conditioning real 'rest' and a period of time, but for the sake of health and cool and refreshing, in the coming year using a more should pay attention to the whole summer at this time of the air-conditioning maintenance. Wary of disease-causing bacteria inside the car itself and rainy summer, easy to cause internal air conditioning system and air conditioner filter be affected with damp be affected with damp, and the frequency of the use of air conditioning is very high, in the place such as air conditioning blower, air duct easy adherent dust and dirt, coupled with the rain and residual water, is likely to cause mould breeding ground for germs, at the same time, not only easy to cause odor problems, and possible damage to the drivers and riders skin and respiratory system, with the baby on the family car is more should pay attention to this problem. So before air conditioning stopped for a fully complete cleaning is necessary, air conditioning, filter, evaporator, ventilation pipe a also cannot little, also has a lot of matters need to pay attention to maintenance. Cannot be used when cleaning condenser water cannons, for example, in order to avoid damage to the heat dissipation fin, or failure or cause a short circuit, and remember to clean up the gaps between the condenser and radiator, to avoid congestion; It is best to use the special cleaner when clean the evaporator, photographs from the injection, let its tiny bubbles into the cabinet air conditioning, adsorption in the evaporator surface for a long time, so you don't have to unpick and wash thoroughly remove dirt; When the car travel 8000 km to 10000 km, air-conditioning filter should be replaced, when cleaning can be cleaned with compressed air from the top down, and then put in the sun a few hours, remember not to rinse with water. When driving a lot of people like car inner loop, thought to be able to avoid the car pollution, but if not completely clean air-conditioning parts, bacteria breeds, enters the body through the respiratory system affect health, this had to be alert. Cleaning cycle once half a year the right air conditioning usage, it should be before reaching the destination will be cooling off, let air conditioning in the cold air to blow out all, avoid them residue, condensed water in the pipe is moldy 'fuse'. If not in the correct way to use air conditioning, a summer in the past, the cooling effect will gradually become not ideal, causing the car smell, and may shorten the life of air conditioning. The weather gradually cool, it is recommended that the owners can use less air conditioning open a window ventilated, more let air conditioning refrigeration much less at the same time natural wind blowing, as far as possible let the evaporation of water in the dry. If there is peculiar smell, already check mold problem. General screen mold can be addressed by simple washing with water, but if using activated carbon materials are best to 4 s shop or repair shop ask professional teacher for help. Air conditioning cleaning cycle is usually every six months, for half a year time, zhongshan owners need to use air conditioning in the use of air conditioning for a long time before and after a service. Some experts suggest, even in the winter is best can open air conditioning, once or twice to activate the parts to keep them in good working condition.
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