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Introduce you to auto parts when some matters needing attention

by:DLAA      2020-08-03
Cars with long hours of wear and tear, sometimes need to replace the parts. However, you don't dismiss these parts, they choose but have asked the university. The don't be careless when choose, otherwise the consequence will be unimaginable! Underneath, small make up to you about some of the selection of auto parts. A, the unclear parts specifications, must see the certificate of approval of the vehicle, operating instructions, engine certification, etc. , and see if the car the nameplate nameplate, engine, vehicle model, manufacture date, factory number, etc. , choose the same type to buy. Here as a reminder, in the same factory similar model engine accessories not universal. Second, buy accessories, scientific name should use as far as possible or you can understand some of the appellation. Some buyers often disorderly to auto parts name, do not use the name of spare parts specifications, so will buy the wrong materials, as some users to have six forward gears and one reverse gear of faw production transmission is called seven-speed gearbox, the five forward gears and one reverse gear transmission is a six-speed transmission. If they wanted to buy 6 speed transmission ( Actually want to buy transmission has five forward gears CA1091 gasoline vehicles) On the first axis, some dealers will sell him CA1092 diesel transmission ( There are six forward gears) The first axis, if materials don't know these parts, it is easy to buy the wrong. Three, to buy auto parts to good reputation, service and other accessories distribution unit to the choose and buy, value choosing a businessman like to buy the vehicle. Just because a good relationship with agency, buy his accessories. Four, to buy auto parts, must be familiar with and master brand, realize the famous brand. Used to be appraised as provincial fine-quality ministerial products, honor is valid for five years. We should pay attention to grasp the information, the choose and buy the recent famous quality accessories. Here the way some users of the production. In the past, has become the majority in closer from the same place or the region, the state has become in technology, capital, equipment, etc to ensure, to become able to produce the same accessories as required. Many makers are now in the domestic or international action oriented supporting enterprises, only the enterprise product quality inspection approval by the hosts, enterprises will get a product of form a complete set of rights. In this respect must be clear. Five, buying auto parts must ask for bill, and indicate the detailed origin of the parts. These are all in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests, avoid buying counterfeit parts.
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