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Introduce you to auto parts global sourcing will become a trend

by:DLAA      2020-07-27
Auto parts at present, China is suffering from a currency wars and problems such as inflation, to solve these problems is not only to improve their technical level to higher value-added products against exchange rate and the inflation problem, still need to put long eyes focus on the future, grasp the future development orientation of auto parts, make sure. So far the development of auto parts in China can be divided into the following four major trends: 1. The international industrial transfer speed, merger, acquisition and reorganization. At present domestic most sales of auto parts enterprises is lower, compared with the sales of up to billions of dollars in multinational giants, China auto parts is obvious small enterprises. And China's manufacturing exports has been known for its cheap, large multinational enterprises to effectively reduce the production cost, develop new market to low-cost countries and regions not only mass transfer production link, and the range of will shift gradually extended to research and development, design, procurement, sales and after-sales service, the size of the transfer is more and more big, the level is higher and higher. Domestic auto parts enterprises to gain a foothold in international market competition in the future, the quickest way is through the merger and reorganization, the formation of the parts of the large-scale enterprise group. Parts enterprise merger restructuring than the vehicle more urgent, if there is no large auto parts companies, costs come down, the quality, the development of the whole industry will be extremely difficult. Domestic auto parts enterprises small in scale, strength is weak, lacking the ability to research and development, in this context, to auto parts industry rapid development, must speed up the merger and reorganization, forming scale effect. 2. Auto parts enterprises to actively implement systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply, the characteristic of auto parts industry cluster development is obvious. From the world's leading car producer in the process, with the development of auto parts industry development and auto parts industry cluster industrial development in the equally important position, to do bigger and stronger must be developed into a industrial cluster, this is the strategic choice for the auto parts industry. Automobile enterprise to use the platform strategy on product development, systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply has gradually become the development trend of auto parts industry. At the same time, the auto parts industry cluster development characteristics is more and more obvious. 3. Spare parts procurement will be the trend of the globalization, but to the future in our country is still a period of time will export and international theme. With the auto parts industrial organization structure changes, more and more oems will be auto parts global sourcing. But China's large manufacturing scale and the characteristics of high quality and low price in the short term can't change, so the auto parts to the future a period of time will export and international theme. At present, the international buyers for China's increasingly rational and actual purchasing, through selecting and cultivating the core potential suppliers; Increase their own logistics integration; Strengthen the communication with foreign investment in domestic factories to improve the enthusiasm of the latter for export; Decentralized procurement destination, compared with other emerging markets to decide where procurement to promote China's procurement process. According to the analysis, although the international buyers for China's procurement has become increasingly cautious, but in the next decade, export and international will still is the main melody of Chinese domestic auto parts manufacturers. Main reasons are: 1) Auto parts is a global industry, China supplier improve the pace of internationalization development consciousness is inevitable, some is the first international sourcing results enterprises to transmit a very positive signal; 2) Market of form a complete set of spare parts enterprises, especially the parts supplier in China, the competition environment is more and more cruel, internationalization is one of the main outlet of differentiation; 3) After rapid growth in recent years, considerable manufacturers has reached more than 1 billion scale, have a internationalization development of economic strength; 4) Foreign/joint venture will also increase the intensity of exports, let China become manufacturing center, forming a virtuous circle. 4. Auto parts development trend of new technology. Auto parts development of new technology shows the following main trends: the development depth deepening; Spare parts improve the degree of generalization and standardization; Spare parts electronic and intelligent levels increase; Lightweight vehicle and spare parts in the future development trend; Clean green technology as a future industry competitive high ground.
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