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Introduce daily maintenance tips for car for you

by:DLAA      2020-08-05
Car maintenance is indispensable, daily maintenance car can not only keep the car's performance and beautiful sex, can prolong the service life of the car. But the better is not to say that the more frequently the car maintenance, also pay attention to the maintenance times. There are many car maintenance items, hope to note that cyclists or you will have the opposite effect. First: avoid directly with a feather duster or dry cloth to wipe the paint surface, after water sweep away the dirt of car surface soil, use clean cloth to wipe clean water, avoid by all means to air dry after flushing. Second: parking should avoid long time sunlight, especially white and non metallic paint, so as to avoid the car paint. Third: reduce washing times, try not to do car waxing polishing. Fourth: avoid parked under a tree when vehicle parking and the crowd flow populated place, in order to avoid man-made or accidentally scratch the car paint, vehicles should be parked in the open field, and give the vehicle use high quality car cloth cover protection, in order to minimize any items contact car paint. Fifth: automobile engine protection plate installation, in order to protect the engine, prevent dirt and sand into the engine, causing wear and affect its performance.
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