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Interpretation of the wiper use method and the conservation of little common sense

by:DLAA      2020-07-04
The climate of this month, and sometimes sunny, sometimes the rain! However, it also brought a cool just give this sorching summer, along with the change of climate, the rain always washed out, the city car wiper is also good time reduced. Wiper is bound to follow the ageing of the moment, without a doubt, let the wiper of the main causes of ageing: the sun's ultraviolet aging, environmental temperature and humidity changes, inductive factors such as aging and ozone in the air. Of course, there are goods quality problem. So how to prevent aging? Correctly use and maintenance wiper should pay attention to the following items: 1, regular cleaning once a week according to the cleaning of wiper blade application timing, wipe out the surface dust, sand and other foreign matter. Wiper washing, selection of alkaline cleaner, cleaning and soaking, do not use gasoline or wiper will deformation, aging and affect its operation. 2, the rain can't shave, wiper's main function is used for finishing the rain, and if there is other stains on the glass, can use at will. No rain can't use the wiper, do not blow hard working, if the glass appearance may have some dust is the consolidation of the other things, first with a soft cloth to wipe clean glass. 3, do not use wiper as tools for cleaning glass, avoid a strip edge aging, wear and windshield appearance fuzz. And then affect the use effect, shorten the using life of smears. Same, glass appearance to freeze in the winter, there may be snow, shouldn't the rain directly to shave. If the blade is frozen yesterday is snow gets stuck, shall be immediately closed switch, wipe out the rear sustainable use of ice and snow. 4, wiper don't relax wiper need not when, should be kept in the lowest position; And usually lower part of the windshield, avoid foreign bodies make wiper after long time compression deformation. 5, when the snow vehicle may be parked for a long time, the wiper should be up, make it to relax, so to avoid low temperature at night will wiper blade and glass adhesion, also can avoid the strip deformation of windscreen wiper. 6, if the vehicles parked in the open air for a long time, the carbon blade should be removed and placed in the car, the hanging rod head with a soft cloth together to avoid damage to the glass.
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